Facial Acupuncture has been around for thousands of years dating back to the Qin (221-206 BC) Dynasty. Chinese medical physicians were employed to perform acupuncture and herbal medicine on Empresses and Emperors’ concubines to enhance natural radiance, delay signs of aging, and maintain a youthful and lustrous appearance. This practice has continued for thousands of years.

Nowadays Facial Acupuncture, also known as Cosmetic Acupuncture, Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, or AcuFacial, is rapidly becoming a recognized and desired alternative or adjunct to well-established beauty enhancing services such as Botox, fillers, and surgery.

What you can expect:

  • Facial Acupuncture is done is in a series of 10+ weekly (or bi-weekly) sessions. Each session is 90 minutes.
  • At the beginning of the first appointment, we will talk in detail about your face goals. We will also do an in-depth review of your whole body. The face is a reflection of how the body is functioning internally, so addressing all of you is crucial.
  • With each treatment I do a Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment. Not only will your face get a lot of attention but your entire system will be balanced and aligned.

What makes my Facial Acupuncture treatments so unique:

I have been practicing Chinese Medicine for 15 years, specializing in Facial Acupuncture for the past 3 years. I have given over 10,000 treatments throughout my career.

I studied extensively with the best & most well known Facial Acupuncturists in the world; Shellie Goldstein, Mary Elizabeth Wakefield, Lillian Bridges, Dr Elizabeth Trattner, Virginia Doran, Michelle Gellis and Matt Callison. I am a graduate of the Advanced Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture Training, a 6 month comprehensive course and mentorship where I traveled to NYC repeatedly to study in-depth with my teachers.

I combine traditional Chinese Medicine theory and techniques with modern technology. Each treatment is different and is customized specifically for you that day. I use a combination of:

  • Microcurrent
  • Celluma LED infrared light therapy
  • Needling the face (called intradermal needling)
  • Gua sha
  • Facial cupping
  • Facial massage
  • Small batch, organic masks, oils, creams

What can Facial Acupuncture address?

  • Fine Lines
    Sun/liver spots
    Drooping eyelids
    Sagging skin
    Dull skin
    Bags/puffy under eyes
    Puffy face
    Crows feet
    The 11’s
    Other facial needs: Bells Palsy, Injuries to the face, numbness, dermatitis, stroke, trauma to the facial nerve

How does Facial Acupuncture work?

The most important thing to distinguish about Facial Acupuncture vs getting a facial, botox, fillers, etc… is that Facial Acupuncture addresses your entire system (physiologically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually) and then I focus on the specifics of your face. Treating all of you will have longer lasting, more effective results. Here is an example: if your digestion is poor, your sleep is off, you are carrying underlying grief, if you are in pain—all of these symptoms will show up on your face. Digestion can often cause redness, acne, inflammation; lack of sleep causes bags under the eyes, lackluster skin, puffiness and heaviness, grief can make our face sag; chronic pain makes our brows furrow causing 11’s, crows feet and forehead lines. Everything is connected, everything.

Intradermal and Face needles cause a micro-trauma to the skin. The body reacts by sending qi and blood to the area which stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Microcurrent is a subsensory vibration that works with the body’s own electrical energy system. It is used to lift, restore, and reeducate facial muscles. Microcurrent can improve the production of healthy collagen and elastin, soften deep wrinkles and eliminate fine lines. It can be tailored to all types of skin and muscle tone.

Celluma LED Light Therapy The benefits of light therapy have been well documented over the past 20-30 years. NASA used red light grow fresh food in space and to heal damaged tissue from radiation among children with oral cancer. LED increases the production of healthy proteins such as collagen and elastin, improves circulation and lymphatic flow, and stimulates healthy cell production and metabolism. Blue light reduces redness, heals wounds, and calms irritated skin. It is used by dermatologists as a powerful treatment for acne. Recent studies indicate that green light reduces sun spots and evens skin tone while yellow light eliminates congestion and improves lymphatic flow.

Facial Cupping Small cone shaped suction cups slide along the face to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, clear sinus congestion, and activate lymphatic drainage. Leaves you feeling and looking sculpted, glowing, and radiant.

Gua Sha lifts, tones and sculpts the face. Gua sha tools are made of healing gemstones and minerals that gently massage the face. Similar to face cupping, facial gua sha increases blood flow, reduces inflammation, clears sinus congestion, and activates lymphatic drainage to improve skin texture and appearance.

Facial Massage so beneficial and so easy to do anywhere. Stimulates blood, qi, lymph flow. Releases tension in specific areas and sculpts the face. I teach patients different massages and exercises they can do at home to achieve the best results.

“From the moment I walked in I felt very relaxed. Stefanie performed a combination of needling, microcurrent, Gua sha, LED light therapy, and massage. After the treatment my eyes looked more awake and my face looked visibly lifted and more defined. In addition to making me look like I’ve been drinking tons of water and getting 8hr of sleep every night, the treatment also left me feeling noticeably less congested. I left the office feeling refreshed, regenerated, and glowing.” Sara, Mortgage Broker

“Stefanie’s facial acupuncture treatments are such a beneficial experience! Her expertise and practiced hand offer both an informative and relaxing experience. Her treatment helped release tension from my face, especially my jaw and forehead, my eyes looked brighter and I had so much calm energy,” Caitlyn, Yoga teacher and Beekeeper

“As an acupuncturist myself, it can be challenging for me to find an acupuncturist who I feel I can trust — who is relatable, and takes the medicine seriously, but doesn’t take themselves too seriously. I found that person in Stef. Stef is super skilled, has a gentle needle technique, a calming presence and clearly ‘lives’ her own medicine. I had an acupuncture facial treatment with her, and I definitely looked and felt calmer and refreshed when I left her office. I also have felt wary about going anywhere since COVID, and Stef’s office was impeccably clean and she took the proper measurements to ensure that all of her patients are safe. With Stef, you’ll be in the best of hands.” Ariele, Acupuncturist